ACE NO.1 Espresso

  • $300.00



The NO.1 Espresso is where it all started for ACE Coffee Roasters. It's the first blend we made developed for our first customers, who still proudly serve it today. It was also the first example of modern Italian espresso in Edmonton. Fast forward a few years, it focuses on showcasing the best elements of the green coffee we purchase. The NO.1 espresso uses trademarked coffees, a staple in our repertoire. It also features rotating micro-lots that score greater than 86pts always to bring peak flavour. 

The NO.1 Espresso is the middle ground option out of our current espresso offerings. However, if you prefer something more fruit-forward, give the NO.2 Espresso a try. If you want something with more richness, our NO.3 Espresso is an alternative. 

Brew Methods


Extraction Time
Lever Extraction 18g dose | 24ml yield 38-42 seconds
Pump-Driven Extraction 19g dose | 38ml yield 28-32 seconds