ACE NO.3 Espresso

  • $300.00



The NO.3 espresso is a perfect representation of southern Italian espresso culture. Traditionally, dark-roasted robusta coffee beans are used to make southern Italian espresso. However, we use only specialty graded arabica coffee to emulate this, making it our most popular espresso blend. The NO.3 is a combination of trademarked coffees that create an espresso with a heavy mouthfeel, low acidity, and decadent richness.

If you prefer a more fruit-forward espresso with low acidity levels, we highly recommend trying our NO.2 Espresso Blend.

Brew Methods


Extraction Time
Lever Extraction 18.1g dose | 24ml yield 40-44 seconds
Pump-Driven Extraction 19g dose | 28ml yield 28-30 seconds